Cargo management software features

Cargo365cloud – Cargo management software is a web-based cloud deployed software that covers the end-to-end process of cargo companies from booking, delivery, payment collection to all the way to accounting. Cargo365cloud also enables the customers of cargo companies to track their cargo through a website and mobile applications.

Cargo warehouse management software_Oct 12,2018_V1.0
Cargo365cloud – Transport management software helps manage both International and Local commercial goods, Postal and Courier services through Surface / Air / Sea over the internet. All you need is a web browser through which you can connect to Cargo365cloud online via a secure login.

Cargo365cloud automates the entire process through a single system with multiple user logins. Cargo365cloud is a web-based cloud deployed software that covers the end-to-end process of cargo companies from booking, delivery, payment collection to all the way to accounting. Cargo365cloud also enables the customers of cargo companies to track their cargo through a website and mobile applications. Documentation errors and cycle times are drastically reduced.
Features of the software
Cargo365cloud manages the entire booking procedure starting with an initial booking of the shipment to final delivery.

Warehouse Management:
Complete stock/warehouse management solution with a real-time view of stock levels.

Through barcoding enabled in the system, Cargo365cloud allows for automatic identification of articles during loading, unloading and all the way to Proof of delivery.

Dispatch / Import / Export:
Schedule as well as create efficient import/export operations that minimize downtime and deliver consistent service levels.
Delivery / Proof of Delivery:
Our real-time cargo management software can easily manage thousands of parcels and record proof of delivery for delivery proofs.

Shipment Tracing:
Tracing a shipment is made very easy with our mobile tracking app and website. This tracing app facilitates your customers to view their shipment status quickly anytime.

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Accommodates you to start with an exhaustive freight management system within hours and zero financing cost. The combined benefits of data security and unlimited access are too good to leave.

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Never give a minute more on the indeterminate tasks. With the computerized freight management services, you get to promote your business methods with reminders, notifications, and immediate approvals.

Freight is carried through various channels to improve efficiency and decrease delivery time. Our freight management software is available to use multiple distribution options and provides added convenience.

If you nurture a fleet formed of varied carriers, we will be providing you with one more reason to be proud of it. Our multi-carrier alliance ensures that you are able to utilize this strength in the best feasible way to be ahead.

Business judgments which are used on the solid premises of data, penetrations, and remarks have been spectacularly strong. We give you these strategic actionable penetrations which can define your next progress and ultimately future.

Arrange your carriers and drivers attached to you 24/7 with seamless connectivity opportunities. This assists in a faster turnaround time in case of any disaster with the carrier. It also facilitates communication between you and carriers for immediate notification about variations in routes, methods or delivery stations.

Freight business acquires heavily every year on freight loss and destruction. With the aid of sensors and GPS tracking on the board, organizations are able to see, follow and manage freight carriers with a higher control.

Accounting utilizes a lot of credit and sources for freight companies. The method can be simply made less wearisome and more affordable with our custom expanded accounting explications for the freight companies.

Freight management organizations can now produce a further satisfied customer experience among a dedicated customer portal which can be utilized to carry out requests from clients. This gateway can act as a quick and efficient medium to update customer about the freight situation and get new orders.

With the freight management system equaling more relevant and convenient than ever before, transportation companies can now cater to spontaneous orders and provide end to end assistance. Dispatch inside hours is a certainty now.

Citta Solutions develops freight management software with a care for current as well as anticipated requirements. Multimodal freight delivery is the demand of the hour and our freight software are cooperative enough to assist for different multi-modal freight shipments.

Recognizing the ongoing workforce crisis, you can adhere to a brighter way of functioning by including electronic freight management solutions. All are valid, reliable and are relatively affordable when it comes to scaling your transactions.

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Key Features of Transportation Management System

Efficient management of transportation plays a major role in determining the success rate of an organization’s distribution system.

Transportation management system.png
Transportation incurs massive cost to the company thereby making the company strive hard towards achieving maximum returns on investment. Adoption of automated solutions by companies in such a scenario facilitates optimization of functional activities thereby expanding their line of operations and adding value to their supply chain.

Role of Technology in Transport Management System
Technology is a vital cog in the process of transportation optimization. It can be leveraged at three basic levels:
• Strategizing • Planning • Execution

A well-designed Transport Management Software contributes in all these stages and helps to take a business global through effective management of freight flows and increased efficiency throughout the distribution network.

Key Features of Transport Management System
Features of an efficient transport management system that contributes in making a supply chain lean and optimized can be broadly classified into three categories:
• Optimization • Execution • Performance management Optimization

Route Optimization and Consolidation
The system is designed to provide the most optimal route for carriers. It can at once manage to plan and execute routing for hundreds of shipments either by consolidating, pooling, and even for multi-modal transportation. Consolidating shipments not only saves cost but avoid needless unproductive multiple trips thereby preserving fuel and reducing carbon emission.
Mode and Carrier Selection
This feature aids in suitable selection of most favorable carrier and mode of transport based on service requirements in terms of cost, efficiency and distance. The system is designed to automatically choose the finest carrier from centralized data pool based on previous performance, price and business requirements.

Integrated warehouse management system
Integrated WMS module within existing transportation management system provides real time information about warehouse facility such as in and out inventories movement, material tracking, dispatching the shipments and many such key performance indicators. Access to this real time information improves the process decision making.
Integrated EDI
EDI enabled standard format of information exchange builds a benchmark for superiority.
Organizations gain increased visibility in their functions and experience remarkable reduction in paper work. Integration of EDI with Transport management system provides high end accuracy in data and speed up critical information exchange between the businesses and at the same time contributes greatly to create a green supply chain.
Integrated audit and payment module Auditing and payment systems allow a TMS to calculate the freight charges, evaluate the service options and identify the areas of improvement. This enables prompt acknowledgement and resolution of overcharge related issues with the carriers and customers alike. Also links to ERP or
any financial system allow efficient handling of payment procedures.

Multi-modal Transportation facility
A transport management software equipped with features like enhanced geo-coding, support for rail, air, ocean based multi-modal transportation, and global map and guide allows freight to be transported other than road enabling international business. These features also maximize the efficiency of the transportation process by achieving increased visibility and facilitating accurate transit time calculation.

Performance management
Track & Trace
This feature allows real time exchange of shipment information between carrier, distributor and customer. Regular and competent sharing of shipment information across the organization through web increases visibility, accuracy rate of tracking and monitoring, and efficient management &reporting.

Visibility features provide a detailed view of every steps of the transportation process thereby making them easier to manage. Accurate and timely visibility of the critical information of the entire supply chain enables to keep a healthy balance between demand and supply through proactive management of the flow of goods. This helps to bring down the overall cost of transportation.

Business Intelligence and Analytics
This feature involves proficient use of data warehousing, dashboard functionality and report generation in standard or custom formats. It aims at collecting, analyzing & summarizing supply Chain data to utilize them resourcefully for effective decision making, identifying needs & key areas of functional enhancement, and evaluating the effectiveness of existing strategies.
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Citta Solutions cargo management software helps you to manage your cargo company online. It has so many functionalities to manage your cargo company easily. We have developed so many cargo software’s for end users as per the requirements of them. So that you can customize your cargo software as per your requirements. it is completely secured system and works with a cloud server.

Cargo Software_14 September,2018.jpg
Our Cargo365cloud – Cargo management Software is a sophisticated and comprehensive system specially designed for a multi-user business. Citta Solutions is a leading cargo management software services provider company in India. Our cargo software suits for medium to large cargo companies and intermediate companies.
Features of Cargo Management Software
Inbound and Outbound management

• Planning and scheduling of Inbound process

• Booking/Delivery Receipt from Agents / Franchises

• Cargo release management

• Truck queue management

• Priority for outbound shipment management

• Slot and flow control management
Cargo Forwarding

• Cargo forwarding Process and management

• AWB Barcode and scanning

• Flight / Surface operation mode

• Cargo coloader management

• Cargo fright rate module

• Internal control and monitoring of shipment

Cargo Operation

• Shipment by air/cargo/surface/ocean

• Quotation and pickup order

• A conversation of pickup order into a warehouse

• Calculation of number of parcel/pickup into Different location/warehouse

• Calculate fright/ Shipment or other charges

• Shipment import export module

• Setup shipment/cargo trip schedule

• loading and unloading shipment details
Warehouse/Location management

• Manage different warehouse

• Warehouse barcode label for packaging

• Inventory management for warehouse

• Warehouse document management
Billing & Account process

• Collect charges AWB List and Generate invoice

• Multiple billing types: pre-paid billing, third-party billing, COD billing, To pay, Credit to Customer/Client

• Manage customer/consignee/Consignor billing account details

• Cargo forwarding coloader billing details

• Manage financial data and details
Cargo Software reports

• Inflow and outflow cargo shipment report

• Daily dashboard warehouse performance report

• Online tracking by AWB Numbers

• Analysis of all user performance

• Account and payment report

• Booking/delivery/forwarding shipment details
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Transportation Management Software | Cargo365cloud

The Transport management software (TMS) is a software program that empowers your organization to control your entire supply chain, including your in-house logistics department, suppliers, warehouses, carriers, and vendors.

Transportation management software1.jpg
Maybe you’re encountering a penetration of growth and require help calibrating your logistics to meet extended demand. Possibly there’s only one person at your organization who understands your logistics process, and you’re concerned what will happen once they’re gone. Perhaps you’re drowning in paperwork and have a paper map with push pins and yarn that works as your shipment routing tracker.

Possibly you’re endeavoring better visibility of your supply chain to improve consumer service. No matter the size of your business or your current position, performing a TMS would likely be a smart progress for your supply chain.

Because we understand your requirements are unique, we offer a tiered approach with three different levels of pricing and features. Our goal is to make this incredibly valuable software accessible to any business.

Some of the benefits of implementing a Transportation Management Software – TMS include:
As your organization grows, you’re often compelled to make an unfortunate determination – either spend time improving your current processes or obtain more help to manage the further workload. By utilizing our transportation management software, you can manage your growth without boosting headcount. We’ll investigate your standard process and recognize what could be automated through our TMS, allowing you to get more work done in limited time.

Every organization has its own unique operation and deserves a tailored appearance. There is no one-size-fits-all. We will customize our services and our software to fit your particular supply chain’s needs. When you implement our TMS, you can have peace of mind, because you’ll never have to bother about discontinuing the system. It’s flexible rather grow and emerge with your organization.

Shipment Optimization
When you use our Transport Management System – TMS, all of your inbound and outbound orders are visible in one place. This creates a bird’s eye view of your entire process. Within few seconds, the software can analyze all possible combinations of your shipments to deliver optimal recommendations for consolidation and routing. When possible, shipments can be combined into multi-pick or multi-stop loads to save money and reduce congestion on your docks.

The right piece of knowledge can sprinkle light on any condition. We put the information in your hands to highlight your benefits and uncover possibilities for growth and cost conservations. Our Transportation management software – TMS will offer you an array of effective reports, and our team can build custom transportation reports based on your own unique standards so you can measure exactly what’s important to your business.

With our transport management software – cargo365cloud, your shipping partners will have the ability to view real-time shipping information from anywhere. We – Citta Solutions provide your carriers, transportation managers, vendors, customer service team, and sales representatives with their own unique log-in. From there, it was instant visibility – for rates, tracking, estimated arrivals, consolidation details, and more.

Systems Integration
We have combined solution for ERP (enterprise resource planning) system or accounting system, whether it was bought from a merchant or custom-built by your IT department. By uniting our software with ERP, accounting system, and your carriers’ tracking systems, many of your manual daily processes can be automated.

We’ll perform a thorough analysis of your logistics operation in order to recommend the most appropriate carrier procurement solution. With our TMS, you’ll have access to a wide range of transport rating, selecting, and proffering processes. You’ll also be capable to simply manage and add to your transport base, no matter how large or small.

Freight Audit
With our transport management software, you’ll have the capability to instantly and easily edit your freight invoices for accuracy. By automatically establishing matching bills, you’ll have the ability to manage by an exemption, rather than contributing countless hours analyzing your rated and invoiced costs, searching for miscalculations.

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Benefits of Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Management Software

Fleet management software can benefit organizations in an array of industries with fleets of any size, no matter how small or large. A perception of these benefits will allow you to make an implicated decision as to whether fleet maintenance management software is a wise investment for your organization.

Fleet Maintenance Management Software
Automated Fleet Management Scheduling
As with other types of computerized maintenance management software, vehicle feet maintenance management software allows an organization to schedule regular maintenance tasks in advance and in accordance with business requirements. This scheduling capacity enables a company to reduce the difficulty of downtime for a given vehicle. Fleet software ensures that preventive maintenance is performed on time, keeping your vehicles in peak operating condition and minimizing unexpected repairs.

Robust Fuel Tracking
As fleets, fuel is one of the biggest operational costs. Monitor the fuel efficiency of your fleet over time and obtain fuel management seamless with a fuel module for fleet maintenance management software. A fuel module enables you to enter fueling transactions manually, import data from outside fueling systems, store fluids in inventory, transfer fluids between warehouses, and more.

Vehicle Maintenance Logs
Should an unexpected breakdown occur with equipment that is a part of your organization’s fleet, the availability of vehicle maintenance logs retained in fleet maintenance management software can be an invaluable resource. This will provide a maintenance specialist or furthest technician to understand in the modern status of all features of a vehicle in full detail. This will lead to improved effectiveness in making repairs and a consequent reduction in downtime for the vehicle.

Easily Integrate New Vehicles Into Your Fleet
The present maintenance program for any vehicle in your fleet can be copied and applied to any newly purchased vehicles. This will significantly reduce the time required to consolidate a new vehicle into your fleet and input learning about the new vehicle into your fleet maintenance management software / Transport management software.

Consolidated Warranty Data
Warranties continue far beyond only the vehicles themselves. The fact is that nearly every part of a transportation has a warranty of one kind or another. Without fleet maintenance management software, having so much warranty information can be daunting. The task of keeping track of stuff warranties is far more flexible if you utilize the vehicle fleet maintenance management software. Exceeding data collection, the software can be programmed to automatically notify any relevant stakeholders that a warranty is expired or near expiration.

Real-Time Visibility of All Data
Fleet management software gives management teams real-time access to up-to-date data on the fleet. This will allow the management team to make the necessary adjustments to maintenance tasks, increase accountability, and stay connected to the data they need.

Fleet management software can be a game changer for any organization with a fleet that requires maintenance. If you are considering a purchase or upgrade to your fleet maintenance software, please consider Cargo365cloud. We have been in the industry for many years and our fleet management software is incredibly easy to learn and use. The software puts data about the life cycle of every vehicle in your feet right at your fingertips and helps extend the life of your vehicles.

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Advantages of Fleet Management Software

Fleet Management Integration
There is a reason how the worldwide market for vehicle tracking is constantly growing. Particularly, vehicle or fleet management empowers companies to accomplish their fleet throughout all the transportation process.

Fleet Management Software Reminder Feature

Now, fleet services are produced in order to decrease vehicle finance prospects, decrease transportation and crew costs, increase transport performance and increase potency. That results in an overall optimization of the company’s fleet management process.
For moreover information about the benefits of fleet management systems, please visit our website cargo365cloud – Transport management software.

What Are the Advantages of Fleet Management?
The benefits of a fleet management software for your business can transpire through its alliance. Saving money on fuel, optimizing fertility through effective time management software, enhancing customer service quality and improving employees’ satisfaction are just some of the benefits of fleet management you will enjoy when implementing the system to your business.

Fleet management increases fertility by conserving time not only to drivers or mechanics but also to supervisors and managers. GPS tracing gives the possibility to plan routes efficiently, to receive traffic updates and to predict the time of departure and arrival.
In fleet management, GPS trackers gives the time management and help both dispatchers and drivers to optimize their working schedule. Technicians can easily access the restoration history. At the same time, all the data related to fuel, maintenance and transport are monitored and available to fleet managers.

One of the biggest benefits of fleet management is the probability of decreasing costs through multiple functionalities. The fuel information, together with an efficient route preparation, leads to optimizing the fuel consumption and the redundant idle time costs.
Tracking orders will be also useful for planning the refuel locations. Dispatchers can see in real time where each vehicle or asset is located in order to plan the most convenient route. Another benefit of fleet management is that some systems provide traffic information, which can be helpful to eliminate wasting time and fuel in traffic jams.

Through combined tracking systems, customers get real-time information about the location of their assets. Furthermore, they receive their cargo safely and on time due to effective time planning. This develops the overall client satisfaction and may lead to a long-term relationship, meaning a long-term return.

Blending fleet management systems need dedication from both the employer and the employee. An effective information flow is critical for the strong implementation of the system. This means that the features of the fleet management system should be well related to the employees.

When implemented, a vehicle tracking system can optimize the drivers’ work by reducing the amount of manual work and by increasing the safety when driving.

The theft prevention security decreases the insurance cost due to the risk of loss reduction. Furthermore, in a long-term perspective fleet management system improve road security and reduce accident rates, which will further reduce the cost of insurance.

Cutting costs associated with vehicle maintenance is probably due to optimized usage and amortization of the means of transport. Our fleet management systems allow notifications based on calendar time, mileage or other chosen criteria.

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