GST E-way Billing system

GST- goods and services tax provision requiring transporters to carry an electronic waybill or e-way bill when moving goods between states will be implemented from February 1, to check evasion and boost revenue by up to 20%.

After GST implementation from 1st July, the requirement was postponed due to an unready network. This was done even in the 17 states which in the Pre-GST era had an established electronic challan or e-way bill system, a top official said.
Once the e-way bill system is implemented, tax avoidance would become difficult, as the government would have details of all goods in transit above the value of Rs 50,000 and could spot a mismatch if either supplier or purchaser does not file tax returns, he said.
The e-way bill for inter-state movement will be implemented from 1st February and for intra-state movement from 1st June. The official said states had been given the option of choosing when they want to implement the intra-state e-way bill between 1st February and 1st June.
States had also been given the option to exempt movement of goods within 10 km radius, he said, adding all essential goods have been exempted from the requirement of carrying e-way bill.
Besides plugging tax evasion, the e-way bill will boost revenues by 15% to 20%, he said. “The experience of states which had e-way bill system in pre-GST era showed a 15% to 20% rise in revenue,” he said.
The official said a pilot of an e-way bill has been successfully run in Karnataka and the IT system is fully geared to meet any requirement.
E-way bill is an electronic waybill for movement of goods which can be generated on the GSTN (common portal).
Movement of goods of more than Rs.50,000 in value cannot be made by a registered person without an e-way bill. The e-way bill can also be generated or canceled through SMS, he said. When an e-way bill is generated, a unique e-way bill number (EBN) is allocated and is available to the supplier, recipient, and the transporter, he added.
Who should generate it and why?
E-way bill can be generated by the consignor or consignee himself if the transportation is being done in own/hired conveyance or by railways by air or by Vessel. If the goods are handed over to a transporter for transportation by road, the bill will be generated by the transporter. Where neither the consignor nor consignee generates the e-way bill and the value of goods is more than Rs.50,000 it shall be the responsibility of the transporter to generate it.
Purpose of e-way bill
E-way bill is a mechanism to ensure that goods being transported comply with the GST Law and is an effective tool to track a movement of goods and check tax evasion.
Validity of e-way bill
The validity of e-way bill depends on the distance to be traveled by the goods. For a distance of less than 100 Km, the e-way bill will be valid for a day from the relevant date. For every 100 Km thereafter, the validity will be added one day from the relevant date. The “relevant date” shall mean the date on which the e-way bill has been generated and the period of validity shall be counted from the time at which the e-way bill has been generated and each day shall be counted as twenty-four hours.
What if goods cannot be transported within the period?
In general, the validity of the e-way bill cannot be extended. However, Commissioner may extend the validity period only by way of issue of notification for certain categories of goods. Further, if under circumstances of an exceptional nature, the goods cannot be transported within the validity period of the e-way bill, the transporter may generate another e-way bill after updating the details again.
Cases where e-way bill is not required
According to CBEC, there are some exceptions to e-way bill requirement. It said: “No e-way bill is required to be generated in the cases where goods being transported by a non-motorised conveyance; goods being transported from the port, airport, air cargo complex and land customs station to an inland container depot or a container freight station for clearance by Customs; and when Consignment value is less than Rs.50,000 among others.”

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Transportation Management Software (TMS)

A transportation management system, or “TMS,” is a platform that’s designed to streamline the shipping process.There were three ways to import or export cargo: by sea, by road and air shipments.Transport Management System is a subset of supply chain management concerning transportation solutions. A Transport Management System allows shippers to automate the processes they have in place and receive valuable insights to save time and reduce spend on future shipments.
Distribution companies, e-commerce organizations and anyone else that moves freight on a regular basis realize there are many moving parts to the shipping process, both literally and figuratively. From quoting to delivery, shipping freight is almost always looking for ways to optimize spend and improve processes. Thanks to transportation management systems (TMS), shippers have a solution on their side to do just that.
one of the best measures for decreasing expenses and exposing supply chain inefficiencies is using Transportation management systems (TMS). The TMS era and procedures should be the foundation of a delivery chain’s success. those structures are usually designed, modeled and implemented on lengthy-time period savings instead of on the spot price avoidance. This inherent characteristic provides stability, reliability, and transportation method price controls. Key additives of a hit TMS answer encompass connectivity, optimization, transparency, and collaboration to be installed among its operations. A hit TMS answer is one which money owed to all the delivery chain stakeholders and helps them in decision making, based totally on precise constraints or desired effects. these choices need to be supported with the aid of leading technology, experienced experts, and an in-depth global community.
Benefits of TMS.
Technological capabilities: With a transportation management system, you because the shipper can have the era you need to make routing selections primarily based on rates, transit time and service blend. This centralized place for quoting will cast off needless pressure and time spent at some point of the booking manner.
Simplify processes: A TMS can help to simplify the service choice process via allowing you to evaluate the products being sent and matching it with a service inside the network. by dealing with this complete system in one area, you may be capable of revisit beyond shipments and quick suit comparable hundreds to the appropriate carriers.
Track freight: With a TMS, you can song freight that’s on the road or even receive alerts to any transit exceptions or unexpected delays from one area. It’s impossible to control human errors or mom Nature, but, a TMS will help you see whilst delays are going on and why.
Business insights: sturdy transportation control structures will provide you in-depth insights and reporting capabilities. as an instance, allow’s say you oversee the shipping manner for 20 locations that each ship five shipments out per week. That’s a hundred shipping invoices to create and shipments to assess each week. With a TMS, information will all be stored in one region and custom reports can be created to analyze things like the discrepancies between rates and final invoices.
Types of TMS.
There are many sorts of TMS to apply to your each day transport procedures. but, at Freightquote we rely on our organization Transportation management device and crew of industry experts. Employer TMS permits you to automate your cutting-edge shipping technique even as gaining treasured insights that save you money and time.An employer is ideal for massive shippers who want custom-designed solutions which include dedicated account managers patron unique pricing, and extra.
TMS challenges.
Keeping quotes organized. In case you’re operating with a number of exclusive shipments, you don’t want to be on the telephone or leaping from website to website inquiring for quotes from the companies in your community. Dialing unique providers and soliciting for quotes may be a time-eating manner, taking you away from different elements of the business that need interest.
Selecting the best carrier. Not all shipments are the same. once in a while, shipments are time or temperature sensitive, require special delivery offerings or need to be dealt with intense care.As a result, not all shipments should be handled by a single carrier. While some carriers it may be best-suited to handle long hauls, others might offer the specialized services you need for a small added price.
Tracking shipments. Agencies do not always use the equal carriers for all their freight. It’s not unusual for some of the exclusive shipments to be in transit aboard one of a kind employer vehicles everywhere on the map. therefore, the freight monitoring system can grow to be very challenging. without a TMS, you or a person within your organization may also enter cargo numbers into forms on some of the unique carrier sites.
Gathering insights. Without a TMS in the vicinity, you may have a standard intestine feeling of who the most inexpensive service has been over the past yr, or which service had the very best percent of on-time shipments. but, without era on your facet, it’s tough to recognize for certain.
Common TMS questions.
 What is a TMS’ role in supply chain management? Supply chain management is mainly focused on buying, production, and delivery. A TMS assists with the transportation logistics within the supply chain control of an organization.
 What is a freight management system? A freight control machine (FMS) is a 3rd-party logistics organization that offers transportation, warehousing, and achievement for their clients. Outsourcing freight is becoming increasingly more common and lower priced.
 What does transportation management technology do? TMS technology assists inside the making plans and coordination of delivery, tracking, and delivering freight from one area to any other. It also tracks strategies and offers custom designed transport answers that save time and money.
Solutions to this all errors are Cargo365cloud Software.
 Here are some dashboard and software (System) pictures for you.
Front – Office Images:











Screenshot (35)



Screenshot (38)












Back – Office Images: 



Screenshot (52)









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Good days may additionally observe goods in maximum tax slab, subsequent huge GST pass ought to lessen expenses of many gadgets

NEW DELHI: India could assessment the software of the very best 28% slab underneath the products and services tax (GST) and do not forget to implement a decrease price on gadgets of frequent use, with policymakers supporting a move along these traces.
the sort of pass will lessen expenses of many goods, consequently supporting to enhance demand. The branch of business coverage and promoting (DIPP) has pitched for this kind of shift to restore enterprise, especially small agencies that are appeared as engines of employment technology.

Cargo365Cloud Main.jpg
There may be a need to relook at the 28% slab, said senior authorities reliable. some of the goods located in that bracket are manufactured via MSMEs (micro, small and medium establishments) and they are feeling some stress.

Items within the 28% slab consist of washing machines, fridges, electrical fittings, cement, ceiling fanatics, watches, vehicles, tobacco merchandise, dietary beverages, vehicle components, plastic furniture, and plywood.

The pass will be approved by means of the GST Council, the apex decision-making frame for the brand new tax, that is scheduled to meet in Guwahati on November 9-10, whilst the matter may want to come up for dialogue.

Pinnacle authorities officials have hinted at this type of flow through the years. the sensation inside the finance ministry is that non-luxury gadgets within the 28% slab should regularly be moved to decrease costs. alternate and industry bodies have lobbied the government for transferring gadgets out of the top tax fee, which becomes intended to be imposed on luxury and so-called sin items which includes tobacco items.
The arbitrary creation of 28% tax slab has greatly distorted the scope and spirit of authentic GST, stated the Confederation of top authorities officers have hinted at this type of pass over time. the sensation in the finance ministry is that non-luxurious gadgets inside the 28% slab have to progressively be moved to lower costs. trade and industry our bodies have lobbied the authorities for transferring gadgets out of the pinnacle tax price, which becomes supposed to be imposed on luxury and so-known as sin goods together with tobacco gadgets.
The arbitrary advent of 28% tax slab has substantially distorted the scope and spirit of genuine GST, stated the Confederation of All India buyers (CAIT). It has to be constrained to luxury and demerit goods, it said.
A few states, especially the ones dominated by way of the Congress party are likely to raise the problem at the upcoming council meeting.
The GST Council had at its remaining assembly in October adopted a concept paper that laid down guidelines for changes in prices. in keeping with this, no manufactured items should receive an outright exemption as this will restrict the Make in India initiative. States must opt for direct subsidy transfers if they desired to lessen tax prevalence on any item.
For the 28% bracket, the paper said items of mass intake or public interest, intermediate items and those predominantly synthetic inside the unorganized MSME quarter and export-related gadgets may be taken into consideration for an overview, a challenge to revenue implications.
This would imply GST rates stabilizing over a time period with more want-based totally objects first in line for tax cuts.
Tax experts stated the highest bracket shouldn’t have too many items.
The 28% category must ideally be confined to only a few merchandise, which qualifies as a luxury or in goods, in step with hints in leader economic adviser Arvind Subramanian’s document on the GST rate shape, stated Pratik Jain, indirect tax chief, % India.
Any a hit GST regime is based totally on a much broader tax base and moderate tax charges. consequently, most of that merchandise should be gradually brought all the way down to 18%. additionally, there may be a case for reduction of tax on services from 28% to 18%.
Jain said this may also assist in simplification of the tax structure by using reducing a couple of slabs to two or three over the next few years.

TMS(Transportation management system)_Cargo365cloud

A transportation management system (TMS) is part of supply chain control (SCM) centered on transportation logistics. A TMS permits interactions among an order management gadget (OMS) and distribution center (DC) or a warehouse.

TMS(Transportation management system)_Cargo365cloud.jpg
TMS handles 4 critical operations of transport control:
1. Planning: Defines the nice transportation strategies primarily based on special parameters, which could be of better or decrease importance as consistent with the person coverage. This consists of transportation expenditure, minimum stops viable to guarantee satisfactory, shorter lead-time, flows regrouping coefficient and so on.

2. Transportation execution: enables the transportation plan execution. This consists of service-rate approval, provider sending, electronic information interchange (EDI), and so forth.

3. Transportation observe-up: permits the subsequent up of any administrative or bodily operation concerning transportation. This consists of occasion-by means of-event transportation traceability, receipt enhancing, customs clearance, invoicing as well as booking files, shipping alerts delivery, and many others.

4. Measurement: includes or must consist of a strategic key performance indicator (KPI) record capability for transportation.

Well known TMS software program modules consist of:
 Load optimization
 Route making plans and optimization
 Transport
 Freight audit, payment, and many others.
 Yard management
 Superior shipping
 Order visibility
 Service administration

TMS are meant to reach the desires cited underneath:
 Reduce prices through greater powerful course making plans, load optimization, carrier combination as well as mode choice.
 Enhanced accountability with publicity to the transportation chain.
 Higher flexibility to make adjustments in transport plans.
 Attention of crucial supply chain execution needs.

How GPS Tracking System Work for Transportation & Logistics (Cargo365cloud)?

Inside the transportation and logistics enterprise, GPS or GPRS generation these days extends similarly than just a tool to assist drivers to navigate from locations.With the advancement in mobile technology and cell apps for logistics mobility answers.
GPRS /GPS generation has completely converted the transportation enterprise.they’re cell app builders that can hand you GPRS tracking answers that include enterprise-valuable tools required by your enterprise and patron desires.


From your clever cellular tool, you could without problems find your motors, effectively plan drivers’ assignments and manage fees.

These functions are perfect towards going for walks a successful transportation or logistics commercial enterprise without making such a lot of calls or going via cumbersome reviews which will make choices.

GPS tracking generation can work wonders on your enterprise and the blessings are immeasurable.

They’re pinnacle cell app development agencies with a superb group and revel in that offer pinnacle-notch commercial enterprise mobility solutions in order to give your logistics commercial enterprise the satisfactory cell experience.

Via creativity and enjoy in cell app solution, developers increase high-performance transportation monitoring software program tailored for your specific business needs to help you acquire 100% client pleasure.

Basic GPRS tracking solution for a logistics business

If you run a commercial enterprise that operates a fleet of cars, it’s far critical to have facts about the whereabouts of any given automobile at any time.
The most fundamental use of GPS monitoring is to preserve song of where your automobiles are on the map.This enables you to peer which car is in motion and closer to which path.
With GPS tracking technology, you may reveal automobile velocity, routes, the engine starts up and shut down, idling and routes.
You may tell whether the vehicle goes to the assigned destination, the routes were taken, and whilst the automobile is resting.
It also is available in on hand in locating a stolen car.this type of management of the fleet of motors is a key detail to achieve transportation and logistics commercial enterprise.

4 Extra benefits of vehicle GPS tracking

Innovation in GPRS tracking app improvement offers some of the advantages on your transportation commercial enterprise. From shipping, returned-workplace tactics, overall performance, and communique automobile,
GPS tracking allows improvement of logistics mobility solutions to help you take manipulate and reveal fleet motors and manpower.
A current cell transportation tracking software program can provide records this is crucial in fleet control, fee assessment, high-quality customer support and improve performance.

1. Fleet Management
Cutting-edge GPRS commercial enterprise solutions permit you to have a constant 2-way conversation with your fleet. if you want to reroute any of the automobiles inside the fleet, or to assign a new pick out up at the same route,
You may do so primarily based on the statistics received from the transportation tracking software program. The app may even have a function so one can allow you to inform drivers, who are going the wrong way or warn them against misconduct whilst on duty.
This option is all approximately powerful planning and corporation. you may cancel a delivery or reprogram a path in addition to make different knowledgeable selections based on the vehicle’s area.
With present-day GPRS tracking app development, this performance and flexibility are workable on small budgets.

2. Unmatched efficiency
A GPS vehicle monitoring gadget is automated and gives real-time updates on your far-flung tool. This enables in brief selection making.
No paperwork for both managers and drivers wished, for this reason, you have got greater time to focus on different commercial enterprise obligations. The drivers force without concern of the mileage because of roadworks or detours on their routes.
In this way, the GPRS machine is a crucial tool closer to getting the best overall performance and performance from every of your body of workers.
Thru a GPS mobile app, you could speedy and effectively take care of any technical failure through right now allocating the next nearest automobile.

3. Cost analysis/assessment
You could have the ability to research gas value for enterprise associated assignments and manipulate drivers from eating gas for personal profits.
Via car tracking, you can also pick out antique cars that consume extra prices and get rid of drivers’ terrible behavior which can cause greater gasoline consumptions.

4. Quality customer service
Proper planning lets you in shape greater deliveries consistent with the day, which translates to faster services to clients. It additionally allows you to correctly update customers on the predicted arrival time and in case of any delays. offers logistic mobility solutions via GPS tracking App improvement that is crafted to acquire most typical performance and profitability to your industrial company. Our automobile monitoring cellular app guarantees future technology nowadays

Cargo365cloud GPS Tracking System

Cutting-edge fleet tracking devices have been to begin with conceived for the shipping industry. groups with big transport fleets had to know the area of any vehicle at any time. From this need the concept of the usage of the global Positioning System (GPS)(Cargo365cloud) to music and monitor fleet vehicles evolved.

Cargo365cloud GPS Tracking System.jpg
companies specializing in supplying tracking tool era for fleet proprietors utilize a selection of techniques to acquire and transmit the statistics to legal users. most monitoring devices work by way of using GPS generation. some do now not use GPS generation, however, and not all of them offer the same level of safety.
Fleetmatics monitoring gadgets mainly use GPS to determine unique automobile area. The area information and other parameters – together with velocity, idle times, engine on/off and greater – are transmitted to the Fleetmatics fleet tracking device every 90 seconds. This records may be accessed via legal users 24 hours an afternoon thru any internet connection global. This gives fleet owners whole manage over and gets admission to what their automobiles are doing within the field.
Cargo365cloud truck tracking devices are installed by a team of professional technicians in each client vehicle. The tracking devices work without any uncovered wires and antennas. This lets in for the system to be actually tamper-proof reduces the opportunity for robbery and permits for covert set up if needed.
As soon as installed, the tracking device era begins recording car statistics. That statistics can help fleet owners to put into effect price-saving efficiencies based on advanced using habits, and increase revenue by improving routing and increasing employee productiveness.

How to Use a Portable GPS Tracking Device System
GPS systems are a extremely good device that can be used for a extensive form of uses. you can make use of a GPS monitoring device to pinpoint your exact vicinity even as you are riding, trekking, going for walks, fishing, sailing, biking, or exploring. no matter where you are within the world, a GPS monitoring system let you discover your way.
GPS isn’t always just for locating your personal place, however. it could be used for automobile tracking , device tracking, asset tracking , and monitoring humans too. when you have a valuable item out inside the open, such as a boat or motorcycle, you could put a GPS tracking device on it, and tune its region in case it gets stolen. business proprietors additionally utilize GPS fleet monitoring to maintain tune of their company automobiles and make certain drivers are going in which they may be speculated to be going. study directly to discover ways to use this amazing technology.

Getting Set Up With Your GPS Tracker
There are two varieties of GPS trackers: hardwired and portable battery-powered monitoring devices. For the motive of this article, we are able to be discussing transportable GPS trackers. portable trackers are wireless, so you can use them for various things on a everyday basis. transportable structures can flow easily from vehicle to automobile or character to character. There are no cumbersome wires everywhere at the tool.

As soon as you’ve got sold your new portable GPS tracking gadget, it is vital to determine in which it is able to and can’t tune from. The GPS sign will penetrate glass, plastic, foam, fiberglass, and wood, but will now not penetrate metal. So regions like under the hood of a vehicle or inside the trunk will no longer work, however underneath seats or the glove container of a vehicle are k. you can additionally positioned it in a backpack to song your toddler or connect it to a valuable item in case it receives stolen.

Always make certain your tracking tool is fully charged before you operate it to track someone/something. most trackers will provide you with around 8 hours of use on a complete rate, and extended-lifestyles battery kits can provide everywhere from 60 as much as a hundred and twenty hours of actual movement on a unmarried charge.

Tracking Options
Depending on the tracking device you’ve got bought, your alternatives may be one of a kind, but maximum will require which you go online to the tracking/reporting website and set off your account. it is typically in this internet site that you may locate live tracking functions to expose unique facts approximately the car (or different object) you are tracking, which includes range, longitude, and its speed of journey. you may additionally discover most reporting and alert device alternatives online, which include whilst positive “alert zones” are entered, aggressive using, dashing, and so on.

GPS Tracker Options
If the use of the tracker on your personal car, you’ll find many alternatives on the LiveViewGPS net interface in order to normally include instructions and routing, maps, and search capabilities to find nearby gasoline stations, eating places, etc. this option may be helpful to guide a motive force of the car to any of those places. because there are such a lot of distinct sorts of GPS trackers on the market today, this newsletter can’t cowl exact directions for each kind. For greater information on the usage of your portable GPS monitoring device machine, consult your consumer guide.

Cargo365cloud provides wi-fi GPS monitoring tool systems for small and massive corporations, law enforcement, and family safety. some of their offerings include stay device tracking and fleet tracking monitored thru computer or cellular gadgets just like the Apple iPhone iOS and Droid OS mobile platform.

Cargo365cloud tms System

Keyprocess enabled by tms System
We keep our series on the “nation of the Transportation control structures” these days with our put up at the four key tactics enabled by the use with the aid of shippers of a delivery management machine or TMS. In our first submit, we included typically the ability of TMS and the principle reasons why shippers turn to TMS.
The recognition of the use of delivery control machine (TMS) has been developing steadily within the previous few years. but, its usage is yet to reach a point in which shipping experts take into account is essential for their commercial enterprise. In fact, recent research has shown that best approximately 35 percent of shippers are using TMS to manipulate their operations. And lots of them are still the use of old variations and feature no longer decided to improve to the present day version.

TMS System (Cargo365cloud)

However, maximum of the delivery specialists have as a minimum some understanding of TMS and are aware that they’ll need to begin the use of it sooner or later within the future in the event that they need to hold doing enterprise. as the transport business has long past international, it has grown in complexity. nowadays’s shippers and vendors aren’t simplest expected to have their reach in every nook of the world, they may be also required to provide rapid, less expensive and tremendous provider.

In a global wherein get entry to actual-time information is essential for each decision-making, the importance of a shipping control device (TMS) for the modern-day delivery enterprise cannot be overemphasized. A transport management system facilitates coordinate all the records factors in a transportation community. the collection of critical statistics, consisting of fees and direction options, lets in the TMS to give the facts in an easy to apprehend layout so that logistics managers make the satisfactory choice feasible approximately transportation.

The brand new transport control structures (TMS) to be had within the market do no longer forestall in functionality for statistics collection and reporting. Logistics managers and 3PLs at the moment are using delivery management systems for the whole shipping operation, which involves the subsequent four key procedures:

1. Planning and decision-making: A shipping management machine presents crucial information in real time to enable transport experts to plot and make selections in step with a given set of parameters. these encompass deciding among a selection of vendors on transportation charges, shorter routes, and less stops along the way.

2. Execution of transportation plans: A TMS makes it faster and easier to execute transportation plans by automating essential capabilities consisting of service price popularity, dispatching, and EDI.

3. Visibility: TMS makes it less complicated for a logistics supervisor to have freight visibility along the manner so that everybody involved, which includes the consumer is aware of exactly wherein the shipments are at any time. Logistics managers have this visibility from factor A, arrival at factor B, customs clearance, and invoicing and booking.

4. Measurement: The Maximum TMS have a logistics key performance indicator (KPI) reporting characteristic that makes it easy to degree performance.