Benefits of Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Management Software

Fleet management software can benefit organizations in an array of industries with fleets of any size, no matter how small or large. A perception of these benefits will allow you to make an implicated decision as to whether fleet maintenance management software is a wise investment for your organization.

Fleet Maintenance Management Software
Automated Fleet Management Scheduling
As with other types of computerized maintenance management software, vehicle feet maintenance management software allows an organization to schedule regular maintenance tasks in advance and in accordance with business requirements. This scheduling capacity enables a company to reduce the difficulty of downtime for a given vehicle. Fleet software ensures that preventive maintenance is performed on time, keeping your vehicles in peak operating condition and minimizing unexpected repairs.

Robust Fuel Tracking
As fleets, fuel is one of the biggest operational costs. Monitor the fuel efficiency of your fleet over time and obtain fuel management seamless with a fuel module for fleet maintenance management software. A fuel module enables you to enter fueling transactions manually, import data from outside fueling systems, store fluids in inventory, transfer fluids between warehouses, and more.

Vehicle Maintenance Logs
Should an unexpected breakdown occur with equipment that is a part of your organization’s fleet, the availability of vehicle maintenance logs retained in fleet maintenance management software can be an invaluable resource. This will provide a maintenance specialist or furthest technician to understand in the modern status of all features of a vehicle in full detail. This will lead to improved effectiveness in making repairs and a consequent reduction in downtime for the vehicle.

Easily Integrate New Vehicles Into Your Fleet
The present maintenance program for any vehicle in your fleet can be copied and applied to any newly purchased vehicles. This will significantly reduce the time required to consolidate a new vehicle into your fleet and input learning about the new vehicle into your fleet maintenance management software / Transport management software.

Consolidated Warranty Data
Warranties continue far beyond only the vehicles themselves. The fact is that nearly every part of a transportation has a warranty of one kind or another. Without fleet maintenance management software, having so much warranty information can be daunting. The task of keeping track of stuff warranties is far more flexible if you utilize the vehicle fleet maintenance management software. Exceeding data collection, the software can be programmed to automatically notify any relevant stakeholders that a warranty is expired or near expiration.

Real-Time Visibility of All Data
Fleet management software gives management teams real-time access to up-to-date data on the fleet. This will allow the management team to make the necessary adjustments to maintenance tasks, increase accountability, and stay connected to the data they need.

Fleet management software can be a game changer for any organization with a fleet that requires maintenance. If you are considering a purchase or upgrade to your fleet maintenance software, please consider Cargo365cloud. We have been in the industry for many years and our fleet management software is incredibly easy to learn and use. The software puts data about the life cycle of every vehicle in your feet right at your fingertips and helps extend the life of your vehicles.

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Advantages of Fleet Management Software

Fleet Management Integration
There is a reason how the worldwide market for vehicle tracking is constantly growing. Particularly, vehicle or fleet management empowers companies to accomplish their fleet throughout all the transportation process.

Fleet Management Software Reminder Feature

Now, fleet services are produced in order to decrease vehicle finance prospects, decrease transportation and crew costs, increase transport performance and increase potency. That results in an overall optimization of the company’s fleet management process.
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What Are the Advantages of Fleet Management?
The benefits of a fleet management software for your business can transpire through its alliance. Saving money on fuel, optimizing fertility through effective time management software, enhancing customer service quality and improving employees’ satisfaction are just some of the benefits of fleet management you will enjoy when implementing the system to your business.

Fleet management increases fertility by conserving time not only to drivers or mechanics but also to supervisors and managers. GPS tracing gives the possibility to plan routes efficiently, to receive traffic updates and to predict the time of departure and arrival.
In fleet management, GPS trackers gives the time management and help both dispatchers and drivers to optimize their working schedule. Technicians can easily access the restoration history. At the same time, all the data related to fuel, maintenance and transport are monitored and available to fleet managers.

One of the biggest benefits of fleet management is the probability of decreasing costs through multiple functionalities. The fuel information, together with an efficient route preparation, leads to optimizing the fuel consumption and the redundant idle time costs.
Tracking orders will be also useful for planning the refuel locations. Dispatchers can see in real time where each vehicle or asset is located in order to plan the most convenient route. Another benefit of fleet management is that some systems provide traffic information, which can be helpful to eliminate wasting time and fuel in traffic jams.

Through combined tracking systems, customers get real-time information about the location of their assets. Furthermore, they receive their cargo safely and on time due to effective time planning. This develops the overall client satisfaction and may lead to a long-term relationship, meaning a long-term return.

Blending fleet management systems need dedication from both the employer and the employee. An effective information flow is critical for the strong implementation of the system. This means that the features of the fleet management system should be well related to the employees.

When implemented, a vehicle tracking system can optimize the drivers’ work by reducing the amount of manual work and by increasing the safety when driving.

The theft prevention security decreases the insurance cost due to the risk of loss reduction. Furthermore, in a long-term perspective fleet management system improve road security and reduce accident rates, which will further reduce the cost of insurance.

Cutting costs associated with vehicle maintenance is probably due to optimized usage and amortization of the means of transport. Our fleet management systems allow notifications based on calendar time, mileage or other chosen criteria.

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Major Benefits of Implementing Transport Management Software

Controlling the supply chain for a business is a daunting but a certain task. However, here it is the Citta Solutions – transport management system available that can help with it. Cargo365cloud – Transport management software is computer-based software intended to manage transport operations and deals. This software assists a company in controlling the day to day processes involved in the transportation of their goods. These significant systems have made a real-time accomplishment and information retrieval more mainstream, and much easier for you when it becomes to supply chain and logistics.
There were various transport companies and services available, it is important to consider what particular services are most vital to the success of one’s business.

Benefits of Transport management software

There are three options available. First, the traditional version in which they obtain traditional on-premises licenses. Second, the remote version in which it is web hosted. Lastly, the third is on assumptions hosted permitting which blends the first two options together.

A Cargo365cloud system has quickly grown in popularity because of the additional compliance that it provides a business. When a company chooses a cargo365cloud – transportation management system, it receives not only real-time usage and but also freight capacity. Often the software is provided for little to no cost and then a company pays for the freight capacity service.

The transport management software help companies determine the best truck routes and shipping options. They will evaluate the company’s needs and then implement systems based on whatever is most relevant to the shipping customer. They may focus on cost to transport, better lead-times, of the least number of stations.

A transport management system (TMS) also helps with important follow up responsibilities. The system can do the billing and invoice for cargo, track cargo details, and monitor warning regarding delays with planned cargo.

Another excellent tool that makes a Cargo365cloud – Mobile TMS App a good investment is that they can also measure how well a business’ supply chain functions.

Transport managers can discover how much a load cost down to the pound to transport. Being aware of the true cost of something can help a business bigger funds for such needs and also measure how well a company is doing compared to the previous section or years. Along with this feature they can also track the percentage of on-time deliveries and pickups. Because this can affect the cost of cargo, it is important to monitor.

While an organization makes the determination to use transportation management software, they do so to enhance the overall effectiveness of the company. A Cargo365cloud – TMS also encourages the company to be financially frugal without bending up the ability to customize the software to best fit their requirements. Because a company is always trying to be more customer-service orientated, having an excellent way to track cargo, problems, and deliveries is a very valuable quality of the software. Another positive aspect of Citta Solutions Transport Management Software is being able to know the total cost that a company spends on shipping so that the company can become more fiscally responsible.

Finally, while every business would benefit from a transportation specialist, those who utilize a TMS system can enjoy overall cost savings, positive training, and support for a common transport management system.

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Key Benefits of Transportation Management Software

Often times, people initially think of a TMS – Transport Management Software as a simple tool for routing freight from origin to destination. Although, this is a core specialty, utilizing a TMS – cargo365cloud during the fulfillment process creates fabulous efficiency and productivity in the regular operations. Let’s understand farther into how our cargo365cloud – transport management software can maximize your supply chain.

Transport Management Software.png


Below are the benefits of having a Transport Management Software:

1. Creating effectiveness and productivity in the warehouse:

Implementing a Transport Management Software into your fulfillment center processes allows you to dedicate more time to areas that need it. These systems are built to be customized to suit your needs and are in place to enforce business rules and processes to ensure proper execution. Furthermore, if your TMS is integrated with your ERP and/or warehouse management system (WMS), the entire process becomes seamless. Manual processes are eliminated, leaving little room for error. In combination with a WMS, you get the overall supply chain visibility you need to make business decisions that drive additional cost savings and reduce inefficiencies.

2. Reduced costs through carrier selection and optimization:

The more you use it, the more you save! The TMS has the ability to log and track all carriers, their fees and the number of transactions daily to achieve more savings. Customization is also strategic here, as the automated carrier rating and selection can choose the carrier based on low cost, fastest transit time, or a combination of both. Tracking information can also be sent to the consumer informing them that their shipment is on the way. Utilizing a TMS gives you complete visibility of all shipments and loads at all times.

3. Improve customer service levels:

Providing excellent customer service is crucial for business growth. Consumers like to know where their orders are at all times and a TMS allows you to do so. With the ability to monitor on-time performance, a TMS can show you how frequently a carrier meets or doesn’t meet, their transit times logged in the system. If your customer is paying a higher rate for expedited service, you can help them save money by holding the carrier responsible for meeting those times. Additionally, you can use the tracking and be reporting to identify service failures; enabling you to solve problems before they occur.
As you can see, having a TMS in your fulfillment center plays many fundamental roles in the daily operations of the warehouse. Everything from tracking carriers, inventory management, high volume discounts and increased levels of customer service; the system is a great way to improve efficiency and reduce overhead. In order to remain competitive and become industry leaders, all 3PL companies should be utilizing a transportation management system to create a smarter, better integrated and more comprehensive supply chain.

4. Reduce freight expenses:
One of the greatest benefits that a TMS provides is reducing freight spend. This system is able to provide savings by analytics and optimization. A transportation management system provides suggestions of how to reduce expenses and uses data that provides valuable information.

5. Track deliveries in real time:

A TMS provides the ability to view where drivers and shipments are located in real-time. This provides information as to the amount of time a route takes and this can then create an efficient route schedule. Also, this provides information as to which drivers and routes are most efficient.

6. Increase customer service:

A TMS provides improved customer service levels with the ability to monitor on-time performance. Also, with the ability to locate where shipments are and the distance from the destination. The TMS provides an online portal where customers are able to see exactly where their shipments are and inform their customers. This provides increased customer service as customers have the ability to access shipment and freight information when needed.

7. Improve warehouse efficiency and productivity
With the constant flow of incoming and outgoing inventory, a well-organized warehouse is an important part of the logistics process. Pairing a TMS with a WMS can create a record of orders and track where they are located in the warehouse, in transit and when they arrive. This will allow users to review processes and ensure they are efficient.

8. Increase supply chain efficiency
The ability to track drivers, inventory and other processes will allow your business to increase productivity. This can improve the supply chain and reduce inefficiencies.
A transportation management system provides increased efficiencies in the supply chain and provides savings to users. Our TMS – Transport Management Software at Citta Solutions provides full visibility during shipments, which allows customers to be fully informed during the shipment.

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Mobile Technology in Transport Management Software

Day by day mobile technology is growing and it will help to reach our product or software to many people. Users are very much friendly with mobile applications and also using mobile application user can do them work from any time, anywhere.Mobile_Login_26 March,2018_V1.1

Our Cargo365cloud Mobile application consists of few modules of a web portal for remote operations.

While moving a lot of things from one place to other; with a mobile app, all operations can turn much easier.

Below are the features of the Mobile application for admin:
A dashboard shows statistics for Total LR, Total bill amount, general Voucher Detail, Total Survey and Balance Payment.

Survey Form
Survey forms help users to fill in details remotely from any place they are working and Employees at an office can get the update of it.

Lorry Receipt
Lorry Receipt is part of transaction management module from web portal which deals with LR generation and updating.

General Voucher
General voucher is part of payment management in Account management module. General voucher is one of the various vouchers to manage a variety of expenses.

Bill Submission
Bill Submission is part of Account management module from web portal which is the last module where final payment is calculated and bill submission happens with a date of the bill handling to the client.

Back of the whole system is managed by a master like an account master, company master, consignee/consignor master, item/type of packing master, station master, tax master and vehicle master etc.

Multiple Languages
Available in multiple regional languages gives more power to the user, to use in their own native language. That makes it easier to use and can reach to more people.

Fleet Management
First-time admin will be adding all vehicle details into the application. Like: Permission Due date, Maintenance due date, driver license expiry date, and many more. Once admin fills all the details regarding fleet, a system will automatically display notification before due date comes.

Finger Print Accessibility
A fingerprint lock is the most secure way in terms of accessibility as no other can access it.

Calculate the distance between two places, know nearby ATM’s or petrol pumps, schedule call to someone are few utilities that make the trip more easy to manage and hassle-free.

Below are the features of the Mobile application for Customer:
Booking LR Report
The customer can view the detail information about the Lorry receipts they booked. LR details include LR number, source, and destination, vehicle number, and type, number of packages along with the delivery date.

Unloading Status
Status of unloading the freight will be shown here, with details such as date of unloading, challan number, dispatch date, vehicle number goods received by the person and included LR details as well.

Payment Details

Payments given by customer against their billing information is shown here and can be reviewed by a customer for their reference.

Outstanding Details
Remaining payments of customers will be shown with all the details of outstanding bills. And if you want to set a notification for next payment collection, then it will also do with this mobile application. And if you want to set a notification for next payment collection, then it will also do with this mobile application.

Barcode Scanner

Customer will directly scan barcode and view detail using this Mobile application.

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Logistics and supply chain management Software

Logistics software is a cloud-based system which provides the concrete solution for organizations, providing logistics to its clients. It’s an end to end solution that fuses innovation with agility and precision as required by various logistics operations and enables organizations to achieve high performances. The Logistic software is a full-fledged ERP system which is featured with the modules like Billing & Rate Configurations, Parcel Management System, Vehicle Management System, Garage Management System, Warehouse Management System, and HR Management System & Accounting Management System.
Mobile Application Suite:

Our logistic software comes with a mobile application suite which allows representatives to book and deliver consignment at the spot itself and the booking or delivery information is passed to the corresponding point immediately. This integration helps in quick response points and notifications to the consignors for the delivery and pick up of their consignment.

• Billing & Rate Configuration:

The billing & rate configuration acts as the heart of the Logistic software which allows the users to create ‘n’ number of configurations. As different consignors may act using different logistic a dynamic rate creator is a must of a logistics system. This is taken care via our billing & rate setting module. The billing templates are also created dynamically to suit the needs of different consignors.

Parcel Management:

The booking, dispatching & delivery of the boxes are being taken care in this particular module. Provision to barcode the boxes and track it at all the points are being provided in the system. Branch wise dispatches are also available in this particular module. The different types of payment accounts like paid, to pay & Account pay are being effectively managed in this system.

Vechicle Management Software_cargo365cloud
• Vehicle Management:

The billing & rate configuration acts as the heart of the Logistic software which allows the users to create ‘n’ number of configurations. As different consignors may act using different logistic a dynamic rate creator is a must of a logistics system. This is taken care via our billing & rate setting module. The billing templates are also created dynamically to suit the needs of different consignors.

• Warehouse Management:

The logistics management comes with a warehouse management system which provides information regarding the current stock availability in the particular warehouse. The stock position of each consignment is noted and quick access to the corresponding consignment is achieved. The stock movements of each consignment are closely tracked in the system via stock movements register or via barcode scanning.

• HR Management:

We help manage your company’s most important assets to your employees. Now manage your people with a smarter, simpler solution that automates the full hire to retire lifecycle in one easy to use Solution.

Citta solution offers tools to manage the entire employee lifecycle including employee management, Payroll, Leave Apply & Tracking, Attendance Management. Add HRM addresses your needs in recruitment, development, training, talent management and more. Streamline your processes, reduce duplication and nurture your best talent with this cloud-based HR solution.

• Financial Management
The financial management module empowers you to obtain up to date accounting information online. The suite comes along with a package that involves General Accounting, Management Accounting, & Fixed Assets Management with all statutory reports. The module is seamlessly integrated with the other module which helps in tracking payables & receivables without cross entries.

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Key Advantages of Transport Management System

Every insightful business owner is constantly looking for ways to enhance a company’s profitability while reducing overhead costs. For those in the transport management field, streamlining all courier-related processes yet maintaining the balance so as not to negatively affect quality or customer service is also a top priority.
These criteria can be very simply met with investment in superior transport management system software. In the current tough economic climate where outshining competitors is essential to any business’s survival, ensuring your business is running at an optimum level is made easy through this logistics software. Below is a list of some of the benefits associated with transport management software.
Key Advantages of Transport Management System
Advantages Transport Management Systems
1. Improving your Cash Flow

By using the analytics that accompanies any good transport management software, you can immediately assess areas where your business is thriving and where weak aspects can quickly be amended. Through thorough data analysis, the system will provide various user-friendly suggestions about reducing expenses in areas such as driver overtime, route options, and fuel consumption. Good software will also enhance the accounting aspects of every logistical route and with improved payment, auditing, and consolidation services, your business can save on finances.

2. Improved Warehouse Efficiency

The implementation of a transport management system will mean decreased time is allocated to freight management, allowing you to devote more time to other aspects such as warehouse control. With the constant movement of inventory and urgency with which orders need to be fulfilled, organizing the warehouse is an absolutely integral process in the logistical world.

The most transport management software has the accompanying warehouse inventory management software which allows both vendors and suppliers to set up appointments while allowing you to track all inventory from warehouse to transit to customer.

This way, data is more efficiently managed, decreasing time spent on correcting any data entry errors.

3. Track Drivers En-Route

The ability to track where your drivers are in real-time comes with unending data-gathering benefits. An overall assessment can be made by the transport management software on the various routes being taken and time allocated to each route, thereby allowing you to create a more efficient schedule going forward. Assessment of individual drivers can also easily be done, allowing you to build up a profile on the efficiency of the driver and provide feedback as to where improvements can be made. There are also huge safety and security benefits to real-time tracking, particularly in the case of accidents or hijackings. You can pinpoint exactly where your driver is and alert emergency services, saving on crucial minutes.

4. Minimize Paperwork

Through the implementation of an effective transport management system, all accounts should be automated which means less time spent on draining paperwork. All quoted amounts can also be carried forward to an invoice, thereby reducing any incorrect billing and credit notes. This decrease in administration frees you up to focus on other aspects of your business that could be improving your bottom line.

5. Encouraging Repeat Business

Every aspect of the transport management system software mentioned above will save you invaluable time and money by effectively increasing supply chain efficiency from the date of implementation. While savings may start slowly, the incremental benefits will soon be evident. Overall, your improved business practices will ultimately benefit the customer, ensuring repeat business and referrals.

The logistics business is tough and the person responsible for managing transport systems will most certainly have their hands full. It is therefore vitally important to partner with a transport management software company that understands your business and has the ability to ease the pressure and not create more.

Citta Solutions specializes in providing leading transport management software systems to the logistics industry. These are configured to increase transport management efficiencies, affordability and to optimize the entire logistics process. Contact Citta Solutions today for more on how to improve your transport management process.

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