Cargo365cloud_Transport management software modules & Benefits

A transportation management system (TMS) is part of supply chain management (SCM) centered on transportation logistics. A TMS enables interactions between an order management system (OMS) and distribution center (DC) or a warehouse.


TMS handles four important operations of transport management:

  1. Planning: Defines the best transportation strategies based on specified parameters, which would be of higher or lower importance as per the user policy. This includes transportation expenditure, minimum stops possible to guarantee quality, shorter lead-time, flows regrouping coefficient and so on.
  2. Transportation execution: Enables the transportation plan execution. This includes carrier-rate approval, carrier sending, electronic data interchange (EDI), etc.
  3. Transportation follow-up: Permits the following up of any administrative or physical operation regarding transportation. This includes event-by-event transportation traceability, receipt editing, customs clearance, invoicing as well as reserving documents, transport alerts delivery, etc.
  4. Measurement: Includes or should include a strategic key performance indicator (KPI) report functionality for transportation.


Standard TMS software modules consist of:

  • Load optimization
  • Route planning and optimization
  • Delivery
  • Freight audit, payment, etc.
  • Yard administration
  • Advanced shipping
  • Order visibility
  • Carrier administration
  • TMSs are intended to reach the goals mentioned below:


Minimize expenditures by means of more effective route planning, load optimization, carrier combination as well as mode selection. Enhanced accountability with exposure to the transportation chain.

Better flexibility to make modifications in delivery plans.

Benefits of TMS 

A fully deployed transportation management system can benefit organizations in the following ways:

  • Transportation order planning and execution. TMS integrates well with enterprise order management, warehouse management and purchasing systems, customer relationship management (CRM), supplier relationship management (SRM), and other systems for managing transport demand. It enables users to plan and manage both international and domestic shipments and determines the cheapest and most efficient carrier and mode using better route planning, load optimization, carrier mix and mode selection.
  • Supply chain visibility and better control of inventory management.TMS enables users to track and monitor the lifecycle of orders and shipments in real time and get status updates on each. This offers users an accurate forecast for the inventory and improves the visibility and accountability of the supply chain network.
  • Reduce invoice errors. By automating the freight payment and audit processes, users can reduce errors that may arise from manual procedures.
  • Transport intelligence.Most TMS software offers users extensive insights and reporting capabilities that provide them with detailed visibility into freight data and metrics to help pinpoint any discrepancies. With this data, users can make the necessary changes to improve service delivery and reduce cost, and they can also create reports.

Transportation management systems can exist either on premises or in the cloud, often as SaaS.

Though organizations generally prefer TMS in the cloud due to the increasing use of connected devices, a traditional on-premises deployment is sometimes still preferred by large manufacturing and distribution firms that may have higher security requirements and want day-to-day control of TMS servers.

TMS software providers

Although TMS is commonly offered as a part of ERP or SCM platforms from large vendors, there are also sellers that exclusively provide specialized, stand-alone TMS products.

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Mobile Technology in Transport Management Software

Day by day mobile technology is growing and it will help to reach our product or software to many people. Users are very much friendly with mobile applications and also using mobile application user can do them work from anytime, anywhere.
Our Cargo365cloud Mobile application consists of few modules of a web portal for remote operations.
While moving a lot of things from one place to other; with a mobile app, all operations can turn much easier.

Mobile_Login_26 March,2018_V1.1

Below are the features of the Mobile application for admin:
A dashboard shows statistics for Total LR, Total bill amount, general Voucher Detail, Total Survey and Balance Payment.
Survey Form
Survey forms help users to fill in details remotely from any place they are working and Employees at an office can get the update of it.
Lorry Receipt
Lorry Receipt is part of transaction management module from web portal which deals with LR generation and updating.
General Voucher
General voucher is part of payment management in Account management module. General voucher is one of the various vouchers to manage a variety of expenses.
Bill Submission
Bill Submission is part of Account management module from web portal which is the last module where final payment is calculated and bill submission happens with a date of the bill handling to the client.
Back of the whole system is managed by a master like an account master, company master, consignee/consignor master, item/type of packing master, station master, tax master and vehicle master etc.
Multiple Languages
Available in multiple regional languages gives more power to the user, to use in their own native language. That makes it easier to use and can reach to more people.
Fleet Management
First-time admin will be adding all vehicle details into the application. Like: Permission Due date, Maintenance due date, driver license expiry date, and many more. Once admin fills all the details regarding fleet, a system will automatically display notification before due date comes.
Finger Print Accessibility
A fingerprint lock is the most secure way in terms of accessibility as no other can access it.
Calculate the distance between two places, know nearby ATM’s or petrol pumps, schedule call to someone are few utilities that make the trip more easy to manage and hassle-free.

Below are the features of the Mobile application for Customer:
Booking LR Report
The customer can view the detail information about the Lorry receipts they booked. LR details include LR number, source, and destination, vehicle number, and type, number of packages along with the delivery date.

Unloading Status
Status of unloading the freight will be shown here, with details such as date of unloading, challan number, dispatch date, vehicle number goods received by the person and included LR details as well.

Payment Details
Payments given by customer against their billing information is shown here and can be reviewed by a customer for their reference.

Outstanding Details
Remaining payments of customers will be shown with all the details of outstanding bills. And if you want to set a notification for next payment collection, then it will also do with this mobile application.And if you want to set a notification for next payment collection, then it will also do with this mobile application.

Barcode Scanner
Customer will directly scan barcode and view detail using this Mobile application.

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GST Eway bill system all set to roll over India by February

Nine Indian states and one Union territory are likely to have the e-way bill system under the goods and services tax (GST) in place by the new year in preparation for an all-India rollout by February despite concerns expressed by industry about potential harassment by tax officials.

Gst-Logistics-Eway Bill_Cargo365cloud
Industry executives are concerned that the e-way bill system, an electronic way of tracking the movement of goods, may give tax authorities in the states powers to harass businesses in case of small instances of non-compliance even though it was designed to eliminate state-wise documentation and ensure faster transit of goods by doing away with checkposts at state borders.
The central and state tax authorities decided to move ahead with the measure, suspecting massive tax evasion under the new indirect tax regime that was implemented from 1 July.
An e-way bill will have to be generated for all movement of goods—within or outside a state—amounting to more than Rs50,000 by prior online registration of the consignment. The supplier and the transporter can upload the details about the shipment and get a unique e-way bill number.
Karnataka, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand have all started the e-way bill system. While Karnataka was the first to move to an e-way bill system in September, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand started last week. Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Nagaland, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Meghalaya and the Union territory of Puducherry are likely to launch such systems over the next few days.
At present, Karnataka, which led the implementation, sees an average of 100,000 e-way bills generated every day and inspects only around two in 1,000 shipments. Rejections are less than 10% of the total inspections.
Most states will start the e-way bill system at least on a pilot basis from 15 January. An e-way bill will remove the necessity to have a transits pass. At present, one needs multiple transits passes if the goods are moving through many states. But under the e-way bill system, even if the goods are moving from, say, Delhi to Kerala, only one e-way bill will be generated, said Prakash Kumar, chief executive officer of GST Network, which manages the new indirect tax regime’s information technology systems.
Earlier this month, the GST Council, the federal indirect tax body, decided to bring forward the implementation of the e-way bill system to 1 February for all inter-state movement of goods. For all movement of goods within a state, the deadline for e-way bills is 1 June.
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A Transport Management System (Cargo365cloud)

One of the simplest measures for reducing costs and exposing deliver chain inefficiencies is the usage of Transport Management System (TMS)(Cargo365cloud. The TMS technology and techniques need to be the foundation of a supply chains success. These platforms are usually designed, modeled and implemented on lengthy-time period savings instead of instantaneous price avoidance.

This inherent feature adds balance, reliability, and transportation method value controls. Key components of a hit TMS solution encompass connectivity, optimization, transparency, and collaboration to be established amongst its operations. A successful TMS solution is one that accounts for all the delivery chain stakeholders and helps them in decision making, primarily based on precise constraints or favored effects. these decisions want to be supported with the aid of leading technologies, experienced experts, and an intensive global network.

A Transport Management System (Cargo365cloud)

Shippers agree that 3PLs offer new and modern approaches to improve the effectiveness of logistics, and that, they may be sufficiently agile and bendy to house future commercial enterprise desires and challenges. notwithstanding the continuing churn in shipper-3PL relationships, in popular, shippers are growing their use of outsourced logistics offerings. additionally, shippers and 3PLs are now about similarly happy (70% and sixty-nine%, respectively) with the openness, transparency and suitable communique inside their operative network.

The consequences need to be centered on cost discounts and provider improvement. reduced transportation expenses are by a long way the largest benefit of a TMS software. however, blessings consisting of service degree enhancements extended market share because of customer support method improvements and stock discount processes must no longer be overlooked.

Nobody in commercial enterprise has a crystal ball, but authentic adaptability comes from those who’ve idea via their alternatives tons in advance of time. The 6 Rights of Logistics – “The right goods within the right quantities within the right condition added to the proper area at the proper time, at the proper cost”.

Signs and symptoms suggest that the IT gap — the distinction between the percentage of 3PL customers indicating that IT talents are essential elements of 3PL know-how (98% within the cutting-edge examine) and the proportion of the equal users who agree that they’re satisfied with 3PL IT abilities (fifty-five%) — is stabilizing to a few diploma. yet, our studies additionally unearth that 3PL IT abilities have become increasingly more vital to shippers and that the shipper satisfaction scores are also becoming increasingly large.
EVRY holds understanding inside the following modules:
Fleet control, fleet tracking & emergency logistics
Freight procurement (RFP or Spot), freight contracts
Ride making plans, automobile /container control, VMI
Load tendering, fleet scheduling & map integration
Dispatch control & multi-leg shipments

Warehouse Management System (Cargo365cloud)

A Warehouse Management system (Cargo365cloud – Transport Management System) is
a software utility that specialize in helping the day to day operations within a warehouse. The
application does this by allowing the users to have a centralized machine where extraordinary
warehouse management responsibilities are controlled via an interface on a hand-held tool or a pill running in the warehouse or a laptop in the workplace. This makes walking a warehouse both green and easy, and additionally ensures that minimum if any losses occur within the exceptional warehouse methods.
The actual gain is in customer service. believe understanding exactly where every
product is, knowing when to re-order, and what kind of to re-order or produce. these things seem like a business aim, however for a client it means they are able to get the product quicker, with out backorders or mistakes, so they are much more likely to return.

Warehouse Management System (Cargo365cloud)
What warehouse management system (WMS) do?
A warehouse management system is used to manipulate and tune the switch and garage
of materials in a warehouse. The device includes some of the strategies which can be vital whilst
shipping, receiving, or even setting away materials and integrates with different structures
inside the delivery chain to make sure information transparency for the duration of your
Customer service
A WMS improves the general customer support by ensuring that orders are received and
processed on time, and the right merchandise is introduced to all clients whilst and in which
they need them. The excellent of products is maintained permitting customers to retain their
clients and appeal to new ones.
Tracking and Visibility
For industries that require advanced monitoring talents, a WMS will let you tune lot
records, expiry dates, UPC, and serial numbers. each facts point adds to the cost to preserve
however frequently comes with great returns when advanced visibility is required. recalls and
warranty issues are quickly resolved via solving the root hassle via trace lower back as opposed
to only a payout to the client.
The fine Warehouse Management systems might be in a smooth to use a database, like
Microsoft square and encompass many reviews out of the field. One hidden advantage to
having structures is the ability to take a look at information in new and thrilling approaches.
how many of your warehouse is utilized? ought to you increase, or discover a smaller space?
how many transactions are every worker doing in keeping with an hour? are you able to lessen
headcount? can you negotiate better costs with your parcel provider primarily based on your
cube and weight throughput? Is your choose direction setup to be as green as viable in your
Labor visibility
The WMS machine removes the want to get greater labor to undertake a number of the
features that are managed at a primary factor in WMS. possibly the most important labor
financial savings is eliminating complete inventory counts that may often take place monthly or
maybe weekly. A WMS will allow you to do periodic cycle counts without interfering with day to
day operations. lowering on hard work can manifestly substantially cut back on expenditure
genuinely due to the fact the device isn’t always labor in depth.
Picking and Shipping
A proper WMS ensures that the proper product is picked based on your business
regulations (LIFO or FIFO). a terrific WMS will make sure that the proper orders are shipped to
the right human beings at the proper time. With this accuracy, the errors that can arise when
transporting items are averted and ends up as a greater efficient and less luxurious shipping
Document preparation
A WMS automates maximum of the specific strategies, doing away with the need for
paper documents which can be cumbersome, and devour up pretty a huge chunk of cash while
it comes to buying them and storing them accurately. via giving visibility to the gadget to
everybody simultaneously, all people have the facts needed to do their process at their
Slotting for Efficiency
A WMS allows users to version an green way of storing exclusive products in a
warehouse relying on various factors like demand and weight. This guarantees that the
warehouse is arranged in any such way that products that flow faster or are heavier are saved
near the door for quicker processing of orders, and products which are used collectively are
stored in near proximity. This makes strolling the warehouse easy and efficient.
Receiving goods
The WMS affords a simple procedure this is to be observed when dealing with a cargo
that has arrived at the warehouse. The process can be custom designed to match one-of-a-kind
customers’ requirements however its middle characteristic is to make sure that all shipments
are dealt with nicely to reduce losses and also store on time.
Tracking Inventory
A WMS allows warehouse owners to keep a tab of all the stock inside the warehouse.
this is critical because it guarantees that the warehouse control team is able to recognize while
there is enough stock within the warehouse and recognize while to reserve for the extra stock
to save you shortages. this protects on space as overstocking is averted and additionally
guarantees that assets are nicely disbursed to ensure a clean warehouse management.
How does a Warehouse Management ( WMS ) fit into your supply chain?
In a fully incorporated answer, you’ll have your raw substances acquired into your
Warehouse control system, be ate up through your material Requirement planning machine and
the finished items be deposited lower back into the WMS.
The WMS (Warehouse Management System) will facilitate the tracking of the product
thru movements and cycle counts even as inside the warehouse, then sooner or later be picked
and despatched to both the shipping system or Transportation management device to the
direction your vans. The complete time your enterprise resource planning device can be
tracking the values, orders, sales, and invoices with all the structures.
What to search for in a Warehouse Management System ( WMS )
There are extraordinary styles of WMS ranging from easy uncomplicated structures to
more complicated ones that are more ideal for massive warehouses. whilst seeking out a WMS
machine in your warehouse, there are different factors you need to do not forget earlier than
you could come to a decision one WMS. some of the things to do not forget are:
Different WMS (Warehouse Management System) can perform special functions and are
constructed for extraordinary industries. What features does your enterprise want to fulfill to
fulfill the wishes of your customers, and regulating our bodies, and your shareholders? look for
a warehouse management gadget this is configurable and able to scale beyond where you’re,
but to in which you propose to be in 5 years.
Warehouse size
Large warehouses require greater specific structures than smaller ones. that is because
extra activities and features are performed in a big warehouse and all such activities and
capabilities require a more distinctive device. the bigger the warehouse, the higher the value of
travel between locations, and consequently the more vital specific tracking is.
Customer needs
By way of figuring out the loopholes on your modern device, you’ll be in a position to
decide the functions you require in a WMS and pick out a WMS so that it will ensure which you
are capable of servicing your clients higher and increase their pride with the services you offer.
Are you an e-commerce website that desires vehicle-allocation so your available stock is usually
accurate? Do you want to submit tracking numbers on your clients? Do you need lot monitoring
to conform with FDA law?
The value of installing a WMS device differs greatly depending on the complexity of the
machine and the machine vendor. choose a WMS machine that will serve your warehouse
higher by way of satisfying all of the required features, and additionally one that your
commercial enterprise can have enough money.
Deciding on a machine that is manner too steeply-priced for you may most effective
place your commercial enterprise in the problem and end up compromising the great and
efficiency you so much need to enhance. choosing a basic WMS gadget alternatively may not
serve you sufficiently, specifically, if you have many functions for your warehouse.
You have to discover the proper balance between cost and capabilities while selecting
the right WMS to your commercial enterprise. Don’t get stuck questioning what your
commercial enterprise needs are these days, think about in which your business wishes to be in
five years and pick a product that may take you there and beyond.
If you are currently running Intact or Quickbooks and would like to schedule a free
consultation to see if Cargo365cloud is right for you as your next potential Warehouse
management system, Contact Us Today ( We would love to
hear about your business and how Cargo365cloud can help you achieve your business goals.

What is Transportation Management System (TMS) ?

A transportation management system, or TMS, is a platform that’s designed to streamline the shipping process.There were three ways to import or export cargo: by sea, by road and air shipments.Transport Management System is a subset of supply chain management concerning transportation solutions. A Transport Management System allows shippers to automate the processes they have in place and receive valuable insights to save time and reduce spend on future shipments.

Distribution companies, e-commerce organizations and anyone else that moves freight on a regular basis realize there are many moving parts to the shipping process, both literally and figuratively. From quoting to delivery, shipping freight is almost always looking for ways to optimize spend and improve processes. Thanks to transportation management systems (TMS), shippers have a solution on their side to do just that.
one of the best measures for decreasing expenses and exposing supply chain inefficiencies is using Transportation management systems (TMS). The TMS era and procedures should be the foundation of a delivery chain’s success. those structures are usually designed, modeled and implemented on lengthy-time period savings instead of on the spot price avoidance. This inherent characteristic provides stability, reliability and transportation method price controls. Key additives of an a hit TMS answer encompass connectivity, optimization, transparency and collaboration to be installed among its operations. An a hit TMS answer is one which money owed for all the delivery chain stakeholders and helps them in decision making, based totally on precise constraints or desired effects. these choices need to be supported with the aid of leading technology, experienced experts and an in-depth global community.

Transport_Management system(Cargo365cloud).JPG

Benefits of TMS.
 Technological capabilities: With a transportation management system, you because the shipper can have the era you need to make routing selections primarily based on rates, transit time and service blend. This centralized place for quoting will cast off needless pressure and time spent at some point of the booking manner.
Simplify processes: A TMS can help to simplify the service choice process via allowing you to evaluate the products being sent and matching it with a service inside the network. by dealing with this complete system in one area, you may be capable of revisit beyond shipments and quick suit comparable hundreds to the appropriate carriers.
Track freight: With a TMS, you can song freight that’s on the road or even receive alerts to any transit exceptions or unexpected delays from one area. It’s impossible to control human errors or mom Nature, but, a TMS will help you see whilst delays are going on and why.
Business insights: sturdy transportation control structures will provide you in-depth insights and reporting capabilities. as an instance, allow’s say you oversee the shipping manner for 20 locations that each ship five shipments out per week. That’s a hundred shipping invoices to create and shipments to assess each week. With a TMS, information will all be stored in one region and custom reports can be created to analyze things like the discrepancies between rates and final invoices.

Types of TMS.
There are many sorts of TMS to apply on your each day transport procedures. but, at Freightquote we rely on our organization Transportation management device and crew of industry experts. Employer TMS permits you to automate your cutting-edge shipping technique even as gaining treasured insights that save you money and time.An employer is ideal for massive shippers who want custom-designed solutions which include dedicated account managers patron unique pricing, and extra.

TMS challenges.
Keeping quotes organized. In case you’re operating with a number of exclusive shipments, you don’t want to be on the telephone or leaping from website to website inquiring for quotes from the companies on your community. Dialing unique providers and soliciting for quotes may be a time-eating manner, taking you away from different elements of the business that need interest.
Selecting the best carrier. Not all shipments are the same. once in a while, shipments are time or temperature sensitive, require special delivery offerings or need to be dealt with intense care.As a result, not all shipments should be handled by a single carrier. While some carriers it may be best-suited to handle long hauls, others might offer the specialized services you need for a small added price.
Tracking shipments. Agencies do not always use the equal carriers for all their freight. It’s not unusual for some of the exclusive shipments to be in transit aboard one of a kind employer vehicles everywhere in the map. therefore, the freight monitoring system can grow to be very challenging. without a TMS, you or a person within your organization may also enter cargo numbers into forms on some of the unique carrier sites.
Gathering insights. Without a TMS in the vicinity, you may have a standard intestine feeling of who the most inexpensive service has been over the past yr, or which service had the very best percent of on-time shipments. but, without era on your facet, it’s tough to recognize for certain.

Common TMS questions.
What is a TMS’ role in supply chain management? Supply chain management is mainly focused on buying, production, and delivery. A TMS assists with the transportation logistics within the supply chain control of an organization.
What is a freight management system? A freight control machine (FMS) is a 3rd-party logistics organization that offers transportation, warehousing, and achievement for their clients. Outsourcing freight is becoming increasingly more common and lower priced.
What does transportation management technology do? TMS technology assists inside the making plans and coordination of delivery, tracking, and delivering freight from one area to any other. It also tracks strategies and offers custom designed transport answers that save time and money.

GPS Tracking System (Cargo365cloud)

Cargo365cloud – Transport Management System provides complete a solution for real-time GPS fleet management and vehicle security application, personal tracking, containers tracking and management and an online application.
Cargo365cloud`s real-time GPS tracking system provides real-time information as well as live tracking and reports about the fleet, merchandise and personnel, enabling the business to manage its resources more effectively, leading to the potential savings in fleet running costs, increases in productivity and improved customer service.
Real-time vehicle tracking system is a system that uses Global Positioning System (GPS) to track and plot the location of its vehicle on the map. VTS combines GPS technology, cellular communications, street-level mapping and an intuitive user interface, with the ostensible goal of improving vehicle tracking and customer service.

GPS Tracking System (Cargo365cloud).JPG

For example, a customer using Cargo365cloud VTS (Vehicle Tracking System) system is able to pinpoint the longitude, latitude, ground speed of given vehicle. The vehicle`s location will be quickly found and it could be rerouted to provide timely delivery to a nearby customer. VTS system also enables customers to track their vehicle on a mobile phone. VTS systems include a network of vehicles that are equipped with a GPS receiver, a GSM modem, and a laptop. This network connects with a database station consisting of a PC computer station as well as a GSM modem and interface. Where any vehicle can be viewed on the map by a moving dot Real-time VTS systems can be used to increase customer`s dispatching procedure and measure field personnel`s live performance.
There were millions of shipping containers being used by the shipping industry today. With each container carrying between $10,000 and $1,00,000+ worth of goods, it`s surprising to know that very few of them are being monitored or tracked.

The good news is that technology has evolved making GPS tracking for shipping containers, a viable option to consider.There are some of the benefits that make GPS container tracking a worthy consideration today.

 Real-Time Tracking of Container :
Containers that are stolen or lost can be tracked in real time with GPS technology on board. This means that you can not only identify the fact of your container has been misdirected but follow where the container is taken so that it can be recovered, by the authorities, as quickly as possible.
 Easy to Use :
Most GPS tracking sensors designed for shipping containers are plug and play devices. You don’t have to jump through a series of complex hoops to make it work for you. The easier it to use GPS technology like this, the more useful that technology becomes.
 Keep Clients Informed :
Depending on where your shipping containers are coming from or being delivered, there are many obstacles that can affect the shipping schedules like storms at sea, natural disasters on land, even things like train derailments or traffic events (like the winter storm in 2014 that essentially shut down the Interstate in Atlanta).
You can allow the clients receiving the containers to view the same GPS information for their containers in real time so they know, without a doubt, where their containers will be located and when they can anticipate its arrival. If you’re not willing to go that far, you can use
GPS information to provide more accurate delivery windows and to notify clients, quickly, whenever the timeline needs to be altered.
 Schedule Exception Alerts :
Exception alerts will be established for many different, and highly useful, reasons. You can set alerts to notify you whenever the container is accessed by the door, of unplanned stops, deviations in a scheduled path, and for things like attempts to tamper with the device itself. The events often signal potential problems with your container and the alerts provide warning so you can easily investigate it.

GPS Tracker Product Description
 Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
 GPS/GPRS/GSM/SMS Positioning and Tracking
 Industrial-grade fireproof material
 6 M × 3MM strong magnets, Magnetic free installation design, easy to use.
 IPX-5 waterproof level
 Built-in 10000MAH high-capacity battery
 Long standby 100 days
 Battery low voltage alert , Shock alarm, Movement alarm, Over speed Alarm
 Geo-fence
 Sleep mode
 SMS fortification